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April Power Pitch Lunch Presenters

April 04, 2024 11:09 AM | Anonymous


Sam DuRegger, Founder/CEO
Barista Bot

Barista Bot aims to radically simplify how we interact with the services we use every day, starting with our morning coffee. Utilizing natural language processing, Barista Bot assists users in ordering their favorite coffee drink by quickly learning their preferences through a series of simple text conversations. Potential applications go beyond your coffee preferences and could change how we tackle mundane tasks like registering cars or applying for civil services. Simplicity could be just a text away.

Logan Evans, Founder/CEO
Sugar Security

Sugar Security makes cybersecurity easy and affordable for small tech-enabled organizations. This includes vulnerability scanning, breach & attack simulations, risk assessments, compliance audits, and more. 

Sugar offers a self-serve SaaS dashboard with a free tier, scaling up to a $25K/yr Enterprise package with advanced features and a service package for bespoke cybersecurity needs.

Natarianto Indrawan, Founder

Clean Ammonia Production for Green Fertilizer Industry. An innovative technology to produce ammonia at atmospheric condition, resulting in numerous benefits as compared to conventional method (HB process) that has been used since early 1900s.

Robert Washington, Founder/CEO
Shelter Share

Robert Washington is the esteemed Founder and CEO of Shelter Share, a visionary leader with a rich background in Hospitality and Supply Chain Management. With a profound commitment to aiding those in need, Robert leverages his expertise to create innovative solutions for the shelter crisis. His unique blend of skills allows him to approach the challenge of sheltering individuals with both compassion and strategic precision, driving Shelter Share's mission to make a lasting impact on communities nationwide. Through his tireless dedication, Robert has become a beacon of hope for countless individuals seeking shelter and support.

Danielle Melton, Founder/CEO

MOTHERboard® stands at the forefront of a paradigm shift in workplace culture, specifically tailored to address the unique challenges faced by working mothers. As the founder of MOTHERboard®, I've dedicated our platform to combating burnout through a comprehensive suite of tools, training, and resources designed to empower mothers in their professional and personal lives. Our innovative program not only supports working mothers in achieving a harmonious balance between their career ambitions and family responsibilities but also provides companies with a powerful tool for employee retention and talent acquisition. By participating in our Early Adopter Program, companies have the opportunity to join a visionary movement towards creating a more supportive, empowering workplace that recognizes and values the dual roles many women play.

Our mission transcends offering a service; it's about spearheading a movement that redefines the modern workplace into an environment where mothers can excel without compromise. Through MOTHERboard®, we aim to establish a new standard for corporate culture—one where the well-being of working mothers is not just an afterthought but a fundamental aspect of business success. By fostering a supportive ecosystem, we not only enhance the well-being of individual employees but also contribute to the overall health and productivity of organizations. Join us as we transform workplaces into spaces where working mothers thrive, paving the way for a future where work and family life coexist in harmony.

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