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March Power Lunch Topic: Pitch Perfect For OVF

March 11, 2024 1:42 PM | Anonymous

Pitch Perfect for OVF
An interview with Alex Lobodiak

By Dennis Spielman

Alex Lobodiak's venture into entrepreneurship began during his college years at OU, where he participated in an entrepreneurial program and successfully launched a student business focused on recyclable stadium blankets. This early experience ignited his interest in startups, leading him to intern with various startups during college. Lobodiak then delved into analytical work at Agio and later became an internal consultant for AppMex, refining his problem-solving skills. His dedication to tackling challenges led him to GeoSafe, where he contributed to its growth, specializing in sales and business development for the software company. Concurrently, Lobodiak founded True North Ventures, a consulting firm working with startups, and co-founded CoreScribe, a company leveraging AI to transcribe conversations and create custom outputs, particularly in the healthcare sector. Lobodiak's impact across industries garnered him an invitation to be part of the Oklahoma Venture Forum board.

"I got involved with the Venture Forum back when I was studying entrepreneurship," said Alex Lobodiak. "I really enjoyed the people and the quality of not just the network there but the presentations. I think I was that guy who probably asked too many questions and helped a little bit here and there. And they, they probably took that as an invitation to ask me onto the board."

The pitch presentations during the Power Lunch event provide a statewide stage for emerging business leaders to hone their ideas and receive relevant feedback. According to Lobodiak, crafting an impactful business pitch involves several key elements to capture the audience's attention and secure support. To start, emphasizing traction and tangible progress can be a compelling way to draw people in. Clarity in articulating specific needs, whether it be fundraising, introductions, or resources, is crucial. Being transparent about fundraising goals and the purpose of the funds adds credibility. Additionally, clearly defining the target market and highlighting what sets the venture apart from competitors are key aspects. Moreover, Lobodiak emphasizes the importance of showcasing the team's capabilities and explaining why they are well-suited to drive the success of the product or project.

"It's always important to differentiate yourself from your competition and clarify why you have the team that will be a good team to carry this product forward," said Lobodiak.

Several businesses will make their pitch at the Oklahoma Venture Forum Power Lunch on Wednesday, March 13, 2024. The event will be open to members and guests in person at 36 Degrees North (36 E. Cameron St. in Tulsa) and via ZOOM. Pitch presenters include Titan Intake, EDUrain, Paldara Pharmaceutical, Core-Scribe, Waysteless, and gamr.

"We've got a lot of other talented presenters that will be there, and I'm excited to see them succeed in Oklahoma's ecosystem," said Lobodiak. "This event will be a great way to connect them with folks in the community that want to help elevate their business."

Register here for the OVF Power Pitch Lunch

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