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September 2023 Pitch Presenter | Charles Thuo, Apexloads, Inc.

August 30, 2023 5:20 PM | Anonymous

Charles Thuo, Founder & CEO
Apexloads, Inc.

Born and raised in Kenya. Came to the USA in 2010 on a student visa. Graduated from OSU-OKC with an A.A.S in General Engineering technology. Enlisted in the US Army Reserves as a 91J (Quartermaster and chemical equipment repairer) 2013, which is also how I got my citizenship.

Went back to college at the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a B.S in Aerospace Engineering and commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant from the Army ROTC program. After graduation I worked with Cessna in Wichita, KS as a Structural Analysis Engineer on their latitude executive jets.

Soon after, I attended Army Engineering school in Fort Leonard wood, MO and graduated as a 12A (Combat Engineer) and served in the Oklahoma National Guard as Platoon Leader with one tour of deployment in Kabul, Afghanistan. After the deployment I became an XO (Executive Officer) and now I’m serving as a Recon/Battle captain officer.

After Cessna I moved back to Oklahoma to work with Boeing Defense as a Sustainment and later Design Engineer supporting NATO on the AWACS program.

In late 2018, I got into logistics as a side hustle and transitioned to full time in April 2020. I could make the money I was getting for two weeks of work as an Engineer in three days in logistics.

While in logistics, I identified the 10-15 year logistics technology gap between Africa and the USA and decided to develop Apexloads to close that gap.  At Apexloads, I’m on a mission to not only revolutionize but also shape logistics operations on the entire continent of Africa. Our strategy is simply adopting industry proven solutions from the USA and implementing them in Africa.

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