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January Pitch Presenters: Steve Adams, Bison Underground and Ryan Skeffington, Cheers!

December 28, 2022 12:13 PM | Ché Loessberg (Administrator)

January Pitch Presenters

Steve Adams, Bison Underground


Ryan Skeffington, Cheers!

Bison Underground 

Farming is a vital part of the global economy, but also a major producer of a large amount of carbon dioxide, adding to the mounting levels in our atmosphere. Our technology takes unusable organic material from farms, like stalks and leaves post-harvest, or cover crops grown during the off season, and turns it into an injectable, nutrient-rich material that is placed deep into farming soils. This limits the addition of new carbon to the atmosphere from surface decomposition and sequesters it into soil long-term. Our idea is unique due to the additional benefits of rapid soil and crop health restoration, improved resiliency of farms against extreme weather events, enhanced crop yields, decreased need for synthetic fertilizers and irrigation, and increased agricultural biodiversity and food security for all.


Cheers is a mobile app that reduces time spent in line, increases bartender efficiency, and increases revenue for owners and alcohol brands.

For users we offer a mobile app that allows them to get bar & drink recommendations, order from their phones skipping the lines, and saves them from having to sign wet receipts at the end of the night with digital payments.

For bar owners we offer a local marketing platform that saves them the cost and headache of posting on social media or hiring a social media manager. By offering sharing tools for their establishment they get user generated marketing content directly linked to their bar and their products. For bartenders we offer time saving solutions. No more waiting on a customer to look at your menu with 100 selections. No more taking cards, swiping cards, checking I.D.’s, and closing tabs. No more printing off receipts, getting them signed, and filing away wet paper.

For alcohol brands we offer unparalleled access to user insights and on site advertising. We offer partnered alcohol brands the ability to put an ad in front of a customer and have that customer be drinking their product within the next few minutes after clicking on their ad. This data will allow them to more efficiently strategize and roll out ad campaigns from the local level to nationwide.

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