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November Pitch Presenter: Luke Simkins, AnnoLab

October 22, 2021 2:45 PM | Anonymous

November Pitch Presentation

Luke Simkins

Luke is an Oklahoma native and third-time startup founder whose dream is to enable everyone to reap the advantages of machine learning and AI. He has been writing software for 12 years and most recently worked at Oseberg, Inc, where he led the AI team before departing to found AnnoLab. Luke is a veteran and worked as a medical professional in the Air Force prior to discovering his love of building software.

Luke believes that the future of machine learning and AI will empower people rather than replace them.

AnnoLab automates data extraction from documents and images using our propriety software and machine learning models, creating structured data in the process. Our software can additionally speed up time-consuming document analysis and data entry tasks, often done by highly paid subject matter experts.

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