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Chairman's Perspective

August 25, 2020 3:15 PM | Ché Loessberg (Administrator)

Chairman's Perspective
Danny Slusarchuk
Standards IT

First, let me say thank you for evolving with Oklahoma Venture Forum.  Initially a significant challenge for our organization to lay on more technology.  As OVF moves to meet these new challenges they present new opportunities that we are quite excited about. 

How do we impact more Oklahoma businesses across the state?  How can we continue to provide the best economic content for our members?  What do we have to modify to keep networking relevant?  Tough questions.  Good thing we have a top-notch Board of Directors, a laser focused Executive Committee, and our Executive Director, Che’ to keep it all moving. 

With those questions and new challenges in mind here is what is exciting and some new stuff too.  First off, our membership kick-off will go down on August 27that 5:30pm (virtual).  Invite someone!  Go do it now and don’t miss out on Nathanial Harding from Cortado Ventures speak.  He is all about moving the needle in Oklahoma.  Next up we will talk about renewable energy technologies in Oklahoma. We have David Jankowsky of Francis Renewable Energy of Tulsa, who will talk about their225Electronic Vehicle Fast Charging Stations, the third largest and most comprehensive charging station system in the nation, granting EV owners access points every 50 miles for recharging.  The September Pitch Presentation will be from Jared Boehs, CPL of HyQ Technologies out of Edmond. HyQ Technologies is a company focused on recycling produced water into distilled water and other valuable by-products through a market disrupting water recycling technology. This price-competitive, oilfield conscious alternative to disposal, increases capacity in place and delivers substantial volumes of fresh, distilled water for beneficial re-use.

OVF offers a lot of great live content, and with our virtual/hybrid events our programming can be accessed statewide. Virtual and hybrid events allow us to tailor content packages through membership levels.  Check out our new Founder/Entrepreneur and Incubator Level memberships.  OVF plays an important role in Oklahoma’s economic ecosystem, it offers support for innovation and entrepreneurship with critical industry networking, informative content, and recognition.  Join with the membership that works for you, invite other to do so as well.  Our organization has an incredible impact on the State, and through OVF we can all participate.

All the details are at OVF.ORG.

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