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September 9th Pitch Presenter: Jared Boehs with HyQ Technologies

August 25, 2020 3:11 PM | Ché Loessberg (Administrator)

September 9th 

Pitch Presenter
Jared Boehs HyQ Technologies

HyQ Technologies is a waste water recycling equipment manufacturer and service provider focused on reclaiming waste water streams, such as oilfield produced water, into distilled water and a concentrated waste stream. HyQ’s mission is generating profit from waste while driving clean energy stewardship. The oil and gas industry is our initial target market, where U.S. produced water volumes surpass the crude oil market by four fold, at ~1.02 trillion gallons per year. Significant constraints exist across the industry with the volume of produced water to be disposed and the fresh water that is required for drilling and hydraulic fracturing operations.  HyQ directly answers these constraints. Produced water enters our process, is recycled, and exits as two separate byproducts: distilled water and a concentrated brine slurry. Reuse applications of the distilled water and concentrated slurry are implemented, and the remaining slurry is then disposed. Customer benefits include cost reductions in their waste stream, reduced environmental risk, deceased trucking of produced water, increased capacity (through concentration) for existing disposal wells, and positive environmental impact. Beneficial reuse of HyQ’s distilled water byproduct includes agriculture irrigation, aquifer recharge, surface discharge, and reuse through oil and gas operations to prevent further sourcing of fresh water. Waste stream byproducts for potential harvesting include salt, lithium, iodine, and other rare element extraction.

Our turn-key services will drive down operating expenses and provide long-term value to both our customers and the environment. HyQ differentiates from current industry treatment options by producing fresh distilled water, rather than treating to a clean brine, only to be used for hydraulic fracturing operations. In industry downturns, where traditional disposal is the only mechanism for handling and disposing produced water, HyQ provides an alternative. Beyond oil and gas, opportunities are ripe in treating landfill leachate, power plant blowdown, mining tailings, brackish water, reverse osmosis reject and more. Our unique, modular technology provides for a cost competitive and diverse market implementation strategy. We recognize the importance of technology validation; therefore, we performed lab testing in March 2019 and a successful field demonstration, on oilfield produced water, within the Arkoma Basin of Oklahoma in July and August 2019.

Jared has 16 years of experience in the land sector of the oil and gas industry.  Jared began his career as a field landman, transitioned to owning and operating a lease brokerage firm, and served as Land Manager for a small independent gaining experience drilling wells and managing minerals across the U.S.  Jared then moved on to found a mineral and land management firm.  He holds a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics with a minor in Finance from Oklahoma State University and maintains certifications as a Certified Professional Landman (CPL) and a professional level Certified Minerals Manager (CMM).  His industry experience, coupled with 22+ years in production agriculture, provides a unique point of view on produced water management.

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