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Venture of the Year Finalists


Daniel Maloney

Tailwind’s mission is to make world-class marketing easy for everyone. By helping small businesses around the world generate sales, we empower them to create jobs – and in many cases, help their founders and teams achieve their personal dreams. For businesses to grow, they must connect with their target customer base in a way that’s authentic, scalable and effective. Tailwind’s proprietary software platform approaches this challenge in a unique way, by scouring billions of interactions on leading social networks to uncover intelligent recommendations, and then educating marketers by helping them implement best practices and build more effective campaigns as they build them.

Verinovum, LLC

Ryan Campbell

Verinovum builds the foundational technology to support a culture of health. Founded in 2013 in response to a failing health information technology marketplace, The Verinovum Data Enrichment and Interchange PaaS supports seven states and more than 16 million unique lives. The platform enables health data interchange, community-wide care coordination, and decision support in pursuit of the triple aim.

Spiers New Technology, INC

Dirk Spiers

Spiers New Technologies Inc (SNT) are the leaders in Life Cycle Management of advanced battery packs for electric vehicles and stationary energy storage systems. From their facilities in Oklahoma City, Arnhem (Netherlands) and Shanghai (China) they service Lithium Ion battery packs for the leading Automotive OEM’s, including Nissan, GM, FCA and others. In addition to remanufacturing, logistics, root cause and engineering services, SNT also designs and manufacturers Energy Storage systems for use with renewable energy and EV car charging systems.  


Most Promising New Business Finalists

Simergent, LL

Steve J. Lindo, & Dr. Rick Pendergraft

Globally, there are 2.3 million patients who die each year in emerging markets because they  either can't afford or access dialysis therapy. Simergent is developing an affordable home dialysis system which delivers therapy to a sleeping patient each night. Our automated peritoneal dialysis (APD) device focuses on specific needs for emerging markets including Mexico, India, and China. It supports faster training with fewer nursing staff using a color touch screen, while handling frequent power outages with ease. Our proprietary fluid measurement and delivery technology enables our dialysis device cost to be up to 80% less expensive than traditional home devices, allowing the home nocturnal dialysis market to save millions in healthcare costs, while delivering safe and effective therapy more quickly than currently available devices. 

Plasma Bionics, LLC

Kedar Pai & Chris Timmons

Plasma Bionics LLC is a veterinary sterilization device manufacturing company specializing in plasma-based sterilization. Our patented cold plasma generation technology allows rapid sterilization of veterinary instruments at low temperature, with no water or harmful chemicals, and with little power input. As a result, our devices are equally at home on the bench in a veterinary clinic as they are in the vehicle of a mobile veterinarian. Plasma Bionics is committed to providing quality and safe sterilization devices that simplify the sterilization process, reduce operating expenses, and allow sterilization in any environment, providing an efficient point-of-care sterilization solution. Plasma Bionics is also committed to contribute to the economy of Oklahoma by creating quality jobs and training skilled labor.

iRecommend Software, LLC

John Morad

iReccomend is the next-generation recommendation engine built on artificial intelligence and machine learning to leverage the available big data from thousands of data feeds. To make highly relevant user specific recommendations across multiple industries, such as recruiting, real estate, online detail, entertainment, dating, travel, government, and healthcare.


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